The Guilds (Confréries)

The Fraternity of Fins Gousiers d’Anjou

Their mission: To promote the wines of Anjou
Date founded: 1952
Grand Chapter (major event): the weekend of the feast of St Vincent

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Pesée de la barrique  Membres de la confrérie des fins gousiers

The Fraternity of the Chevaliers du Sacavin

Their mission: To support and promote the appreciation and distribution of the noble wines of Anjou and Saumur
Date founded: 1904
This is France’s oldest Bacchanalian guild!

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The “Confrérie Gastronomique Andouillette au Layon”

Their mission: To raise awareness of, and support, the wines and gastronomy of Anjou.
Their motto: “Appreciate good food and the good things in life, for the good of your soul”
Date founded: 1990
Grand Chapter (major event): first Saturday in April

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The fraternity of the Bien-Faye du Layon

Their mission: To promote the Faye d’Anjou wines and Anjou wines in general, to promote local tourism
Date founded: 2001
Grand Chapter (major event):

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