Live like the locals!

Live in time with the Loire

You can swim in the Loire in summer (in supervised areas of course!) and picnic on the banks. That’s right! Just like beside the sea, but beside the Loire instead! The sunsets will be superb! Watch to see if the river rises in winter and admire the sunrises.

Enjoy a glass of beautiful Loire Valley wine!

We are partial to wine from the Loire Valley : a glass of  Coteaux du Layon as an aperitif or to accompany dessert, a Carbernet d’Anjou for a summer picnic and a Bonnezeau to go with foie gras – we love them all! You will find a wine from the Loire Valley to suit every occasion!

Speak like the locals!

Say ‘topette!’ instead of ‘au revoir’. We use this when we are with family or friends. If you hear ‘à ce tantôt! ‘, this means ‘ à cet après-midi!’ (see you this afternoon).

What the locals are like

Our friendliness and fun-loving nature in this wine growing region is well known!

Eat a ‘saucisse au vin’!

The speciality of Chalonnes-sur-Loire is ‘saucisse au vin blanc’ (white wine sausage). It is delicious! You can taste it during the ‘Fête des Vins’, where it is served with chips or throughout the rest of the year in some of the town’s butcher shops that have a deli counter.