Surrounded by kangaroos

Meet our cousins the Kangaroos!

KangourousThis afternoon I’ve decided to take the kids to the Jardin des Kangourous (yes! You did read that correctly: the Jardin des Kangourous, Kangaroo Garden!).
So we’ve arrived, and we’re greeted by Muriel, the owner of this extraordinary place! Before starting the tour, she gives us a little container full of hard bread to feed the kangaroos.

We go into the grounds and there they are! In the distance you can see them everywhere, beneath the trees, some in little groups on the grass. The grounds extend over 6 hectares. We follow the signposted trail. It’s great fun, with a question-and-answer quiz for the kids. By playing this game we find out lots of interesting anecdotes about the residents.

We learn that in fact the animals that live here aren’t kangaroos, but wallabies. They’re cousins of the kangaroo: smaller and more sociable (and so cute!). Wallabies live in temperate climates while their big cousins the kangaroos live in more arid areas. There are a hundred or so wallabies in the park.

You can even stroke them!

KangourousThe animals have complete liberty. Some of them come up to us when we offer them a bit of bread. With others, more patience is needed. You can even stroke them and try to take a few selfies with them, which gave the whole family some good laughs!

We sit on a seat for a while, for a short rest. It’s nice and we can watch the wallabies wandering around the park. Incredible! In one afternoon we’ve hopped over to Australia! We’d never seen wallabies so close up, and the big ones were as adorable as the little ones! The Jardin des Kangourous is by no means only for children. It was a marvellous family outing, and we didn’t know when we set off that we’d be feeding kangaroos!

Muriel explained that in spring you can even see the baby marsupials in mum’s pocket! We’ll definitely try to come back, walking round the grounds with the wallabies is great!