See the vineyards with sled dogs

Jérôme and his Siberian huskies for a trip with sled dogs

It’s the weekend! We want to do something different and get some fresh air! So this morning we can hardly wait to meet Jérôme and his Siberian huskies, and go for a trip with sled dogs through the heart of the vineyards and the Layon slopes.
They’re already there waiting when we arrive. The huskies haven’t got out of their trailer yet and they can only bark. This pack of dogs in the middle of the vineyards makes an impressive sight! They seem to be as impatient as we are to set off on the excursion!
Jérôme lets them out one at a time, and they’re all more handsome than each other. He starts by introducing them to us: their name, age, character, order of arrival and their position in the pack. It’s really funny, they all have their own little story!

We spend some time getting to know Chanel, Balto and Anakin, and stroking them. This is also an opportunity to chat with Jérôme, who answers all our questions, and we realise very quickly that there is real affection between him and his huskies, and he really loves his dogs and doing what he does!

We get into what Jérôme calls the “dog cart”. It’s a sled on wheels. Jérôme climbs up behind to steer the dogs during the trip.
The dogs set off at a run. The pace is quite fast at first, and then the pack finds its “cruising speed”. We let ourselves be guided and gaze at the beautiful countryside and the slopes as they go past. We’re right in the heart of the vineyard, on a level with the vines themselves. Beyond the plots of land we’re passing, we catch some very pretty views across the Layon valley. We’d never seen the vineyard from this angle and at this height before, it’s an incredible experience and the scenery is simply wonderful. This is definitely an experience to be repeated!

The huskies love the pools of water! They jump into them whenever they can!

Chiens de traîneauxAfter about an hour, we reach the end of the trip. It’s really nice, very unusual, and there was so much to see! You have to do it to appreciate what it’s all about! We’re absolutely delighted that we did it and we can’t wait to share it. Jérôme is amazing, he even had coffee ready when we arrived. We give the dogs one last stroke and seize the chance to take photos, especially of their wonderful eyes, and to share the experience that we’ve just enjoyed. Jérôme told us about his “canirandos” too (hiking, harnessed to a dog), so we just need to fix a date for our next new experience!