Sample a Coteaux du Layon wine

What happens when you sample a Coteaux du Layon?

Drinking a Coteaux du Layon wine is like taking a siesta in the shade on a summer’s afternoon, like watching a sunset over the Loire, like gazing at a sky full of stars. It’s a moment of happiness to be shared: with friends on the terrace of a bar, with a wine producer while you’re on holiday, with your family on a picnic, or at home with someone special!

A sip of Coteaux du Layon will make your tastebuds tingle! This silky, syrupy white wine tastes sweet and very fruity. And you can’t help but admire its colour, golden yellow or coppery yellow for a more mature wine!

  Coteaux du layon

A little tip : to appreciate its full flavour, you should serve it very chilled (8°)!

It goes particularly well with foie gras or with desserts, but can also be drunk as an aperitif or with cheese.

Choosing a Coteaux du Layon

The “Coteaux du Layon” appellation, recognised as a PDO (AOC) since 1950, extends over more than 75 km and covers 27 municipalities along the river Layon.

The “Coteaux du Layon Villages” appellation extends over six municipalities along the river Layon, which is a small tributary of the Loire in the department of Maine-et-Loire (49).


Carte Val de Loire


Always check the postcode!

  1. The label should have on it the words: “Appellation Coteaux du Layon contrôlée”.
  2. On the neck of the bottle you will find the Anjou coat of arms.


Keeping qualities Temperature Grape variety
From 5 years to several decades Serve at 8° Chenin blanc

Did you know?

The grapes that are used are “rotten”!

Grapes are not picked until they’ve reached the stage of being “over-ripe”. This is called “noble rot”; yes, really! It’s a guarantee that the grapes are full of sugar!

Even now in 2016, the grapes are harvested manually!

These bunches of grapes are precious! And they must only be picked when the grapes are “rotten”. That’s why they’re still harvested manually!
If you’re travelling through Loire Layon, you simply must stop off to visit a wine producer and sample a Coteaux du Layon!

Coteaux du layon