At the heart of a château in the Loire Valley

Château de Serrant, three stars in the Michelin guide!

Today we’re off to discover the Château de Serrant, which has three Michelin stars and is listed amongst the “sites worth a detour”. It’s one of the châteaux of the Loire Valley with the most furniture. Access is via a narrow lane, and the sight of this majestic château rising up in front of us is awe-inspiring.

Serrant-val de Loire

We go into the courtyard of the château, and look round the chapel while we’re waiting for the tour to start.

Then it’s time for a guided tour of the château with Geoffrey!

Serrant parcThis is a journey back in time! He guides us through a number of the château’s rooms that contain furniture and works of art. He tells us the history of the château. We learn that it’s always been inhabited, and at present it’s the Prince and Princess of Merode who live there.

Every room has period furniture. We see the famous library with its 12,000 books, it’s impressive and the site is truly majestic! The tour also takes us to the chambers and their secret hiding places! In the great living room there’s a magnificent ebony cabinet with mirrors and lots of little drawers. Geoffrey tells us that this is more than 300 years old! Next we go down to the basement to see the kitchens. They’re well equipped with utensils and the massive ovens of those days.

That’s followed by a look round the park.

Then the tour ends. The guide kept our attention, we learned and saw a lot. It’s a mild, sunny day. We feel like making our visit last a little longer. We take the opportunity of strolling around the extensive English-style gardens. We go all the way round the castle. We have a look at the moats, and on the other side there’s a pond. We sit on the steps by the water and enjoy the moment. It’s not hard to understand why the Château de Serrant is recommended by the Michelin guide, and we feel that its three stars are amply justified! The Château de Serrant is “worth a detour”, no doubt about it!