12 Bike Rides


Do you fancy going off on your bike? But you don’t know where to go? We suggest 12 bike rides that will take you through the most beautiful countryside of Loire Layon.

Pleasant routes full of charm

Set off to discover Loire Layon’s typical villages.

Explore the Loire’s banks, such as the Isle of Chalonnes – the longest still-inhabited island of the Loire, on La Levée at Ingrandes / Le Fresne-sur-Loire – La Levée is the road that runs alongside the Loire – and also the village of Rochefort-sur-Loire and its fishermen’s cottages.

Some routes will also take you through the vineyards, in the heart of the Coteaux du Layon.

And you can explore Saint-Georges-sur-Loire, with its châteaux and its mills typical of the Loire Valley, or Champtocé-sur-Loire and the famous château of Gilles de Rais.

12 handy factsheets!

These are all circular routes. They are graded according to three levels of difficulty:

The starting points are at Chalonnes-sur-Loire, Ingrandes/Le-Fresne, La Possonnière, Rochefort-sur-Loire, Saint-Aubin-de-Luigné and Saint-Georges-sur-Loire.

On each factsheet you’ll find a map with written explanations to guide you on your ride.

Useful information

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